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Why Ripple CEO thinks, Coinbase should add XRP to its platform

Ripple has been swinging a lot these days. The third most valuable cryptocurrency is in a lot of speculation that it will available for trade on Coinbase. While all these are just rumors, the price of XRP shot up by 15%. XRP has ranged from increasing by 50 cents to almost $4 amidst the rumors of coinbase listing the cryptocurrency in their offerings.


Stellar Lumens Cryptocurrency Approved for Trading in New York for the First Time

It’s early Christmas for Stellar Lumens, a cryptocurrency created by founders of Ripple. Stellar Lumens got the approval from New York financial regulators to be traded on itBit exchange. Along with Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin also got the approval from New York’s Department of Financial Services. Previously only Bitcoin was having the approval, but Bitcoin has competition at this trading space too.

Cryptocurrencies is a Scam – MILLIONS Stolen

Another story on Reddit pops up with a story of whopping $8.5 million being stolen from freewallet. There have been many reports against Freewallet stating they’re a scam and have stolen account holder’s funds with no proper explanation/justification. There even have been instances when freewallet has claimed a fake cyber attack to hide the fact that they have stolen to funds. In this post, we will share insights on those stories of Freewallet users. Let’s begin 😉

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