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Coinbase hacked? Truth revealed with case studies inside

Coinbase is a global leader in crypto-exchange. Considering the craze of crypto-investments, it's self-explanatory how inviting it is for hackers. Lately, there have been reports of unauthorized access to coinbase user accounts. 

The hackers have made the cryptocurrency purchases in the name of the actual owners of the account. Things get creepier when there were reports of credit card details & Bitcoins being hijacked from the account. This was not expected from a platform like Coinbase.


Bittrex bags the deal to let its users trade Bitcoin & other altcoins for USD

Cryptocurrency is growing in length and breadth, day and night. Furthermore, investing in cryptocurrency is one of the best investment you can do right now. That being said, one of the leading crypto-exchange platform, Bittrex, has made it possible for investors to exchange cryptocurrency with USD. Previously, purchasing a cryptocurrency was only possible by exchanging dollars with bitcoin and then the desired cryptocurrency. Now, you can directly purchase/exchange any cryptocurrency using US dollars. 


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