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Bitfinex halts trading. Is it a cyberattack? What's the story?

World’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Bitfinex was reported to have a cyber attack on 5th June 2018. The cyber attack led to a brief pause of the service as the after effect of this attack was a lot of load on the servers. Because of this happening, the price of bitcoin fell by 2 percent. The price of Bitcoin hit low of $7,373.47 after the attack. This is natural, whenever there’s a cyber attack, investors sell their digital assets in a fear of losing it. Even though the price is not that profitable, its any day better than losing it completely.


Data Monetization: 2 untapped ways to monetize your data, no matter what size it is

Data is everything and everything is data. In this data-driven world, the absence of data would lead to a collapse of industries all-together. Data is the new currency and the companies that have more relevant data are valued more because they can cater better to their customers. When all other things are same how much contextual data a company has can pretty much decide if it is the winning candidate or not.

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